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We have recently completed two projects on which we performed surveying and sapper work - in Szczecin for Keller Polska and in Krynica Morska for KM Budownictwo.

Test of the survey cart

After the excellent work of our workshop professionals, it was time to test the survey "cart" and check it in the field. The tests went well, both on the technical side and in terms of survey results.

Charter| Sapper services offshore| Surveys
Test cruise of our RIB boat

We tested our boat in "combat" conditions to be as prepared as possible for work and inspections.

Sapper services offshore| Surveys
Mag surveys Motlawa river

As part of the project "Modernisation of Długie and Rybackie Riverside (Pobrzeże) in the section from Green Bridge (Most Zielony) to the Straganiarska Gate (Targ Rybny)" we carried out magnetometric surveys of the Motława River bottom in Gdańsk for explosive objects that could pose a hazard during dredging operations.

EOD Supervision| Sapper services onshore
Sapper (EOD) supervision for the construction of playing fields

We are currently carrying out sapper supervision in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz for the safe construction of school playing fields. Sapper supervision ensures safe working conditions for personnel and equipment involved in the construction and no downtime on site.

Sapper services offshore| Sapper services onshore| Surveys
Surveys and sapper works - FSRU project

We are currently carrying out magnetometer surveys and sapper work in the onshore and nearshore sections for the FSRU floating gas terminal project in Gdansk. This is an important strategic project for our country whose investor is Gaz-System.

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