EOD Supervision

EOD Supervision| Sapper services onshore
Ogarna Gdansk UXO

We have been covering the reconstruction of Ogarna Street in Gdansk from the sapper's side for a while now. The street is getting more and more beautiful and soon we can see the final results. Realization for the Prasbet company, the investor is the Directorate for Urban Development of Gdansk.

EOD Supervision| Sapper services onshore
Gdansk Correcto UXO

We identified and secured another unexploded ordnance ensuring safety at the site. This time realization in Gdansk for the company Correcto.

EOD Supervision| Sapper services onshore
Sopot Bauhaus UXO

We inspected the site for a future development in a beautiful location in Sopot. Execution for the Bauhaus company for piling by Keller Poland.

EOD Supervision| Sapper services onshore
Szczecin Keller UXO

Another site cleared from hazardous residues. Location: Szczecin, Client: Keller Poland, Investor: Panattoni. Keller Poland is an excellent example worthy of being followed as a company that places great emphasis on ensuring safety at construction sites.

EOD Supervision| Sapper services onshore
Gdynia Kcyńska Street UXO clearance

We are carrying out a project for ATAL S.A. in Gdynia at Kcyńska Street. A characteristic place at the end/beginning of the Tri-City bypass. It's time for a new investment at this location.

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Database of Polish defense entrepreneurs

We are pleased to announce that we have been included in the database of Polish defense entrepreneurs of the Ministry of Development and Technology.

EOD Supervision| Sapper services onshore| Surveys
Sopot unexploded ordnance clearance

This time we worked in Sopot for the company Elfeko Invest.

EOD Supervision| Sapper services onshore| Surveys
Plochocin unexploded ordnance clearance

In Plochocin we inspected the site for the planned investment on behalf of Centrum Geologii i Geotechniki.

EOD Supervision| Geodesy| Sapper services onshore
Geodesy and unexploded ordnance clearance

Another realization, this time for Dekonta Polska. We performed geodesy work and sapper inspection of the site in Gdańsk-Stogi.

EOD Supervision| Sapper services onshore
Unexploded ordnance clearance PERN Debogorze

We are currently clearing unexploded ordnance from the project site at the PERN base in Dębogórze. We have already removed a significant number of explosive and hazardous objects which we will then dispose of with our own resources. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the investment, we cannot share photos of the work.

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