Prace Wyburzeniowe
i Minerskie Explosive s.c.


Address: Trakt sw. Wojciecha 336
80-001 Gdansk
Mobile: (+48) 609 316 433
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Opening times

Office: Mon - Fri - 700 - 1500
Sapper interventions: ROUND-THE-CLOCK

Sapper supervisions

Some places are practically impossible to check because of vicinity of metal or reinforced concrete objects. Such places are vicinity of: metal fences or on reinforced concrete foundations, reinforced concrete retaining walls, sheet pile walls (e.g. Larssen), steel and reinforce concrete piles, steel pipelines, electric power lines, industrial installations etc.

Moreover impossible to check are areas above reinforced concrete roads slabs, under rails and under surfaces of reinforced concrete.

In places where area inspection by means of metal detectors is hindered or impossible it is necessary to set up a sapper supervisions which activities consist in observation and instant (layered) checking of earth- or installation works area.

Sapper supervision includes:

  • training for construction site workers concerning threats and procedures of acting in case of finding explosive objects;
  • supervision of people’s and equipment’s work within range of order;
  • instant checking of area by means of metal detectors;
  • identification of found explosive objects and assessment of threat posed by them; undertaking appropriate preventive and emergency actions;
  • security of extracted explosive objects
  • proceeding in accordance with law.

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