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Onshore Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Area clearances from explosive objects and dangerous martial remnants are performed on land with use of: one or two-coils metal detectors, frame metal detectors, magnetometers. Equipment for detection of explosive objects allows to detect shells, bombs, mines etc. on depth up to 15,0 metres on land and under water.

Exemplary places where onshore EOD is performed: highways and roads under construction and modernization, newly built and modernized factories, underground networks (water pipes, gas pipelines, sewerage, optical fibres) rebuilt and newly built railways, housing areas, stadiums and playgrounds, airports, woodlands, former military and training grounds.

Geodetic demarcation of area of work, division and marking of separate work segments

EOD on highway construction with use of two-coil metal detector and large frame metal detector

EOD on fields with use of small frame detectors

EOD in forests with use of one-coil frame detectors

EOD on airports with use of large frame detector and difference magnetometer for deeper detection

Manually operated multisensor systems with gradient magnetometers, DGPS systems and data loggers for evaluation of obtained data

Vehicle mounted multisensor systems

Detection of explosive ordnance in boreholes

Exemplary explosive ordnance found by “Explosive” during onshore EOD

Construction works and final result of exemplary onshore area where “Explosive” s.c. has performed EOD

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