Prace Wyburzeniowe
i Minerskie Explosive s.c.


Address: Trakt sw. Wojciecha 336
80-001 Gdansk
Mobile: (+48) 609 316 433
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Opening times

Office: Mon - Fri - 700 - 1500
Sapper interventions: ROUND-THE-CLOCK

Offshore Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Clearance on water areas includes searching, location, identification, removal, transport and disposal of explosive ordnance on inland waterways and sea areas.

Specialists of “Explosive” s.c. have experience in offshore EOD on seashore sections, sea ports and harbours, as well as in rivers and many other basins.

„Explosive” staff among the others consist of: 10 managers of underwater works and 40 divers-EOD’ers.

Technical equipment includes 15 metal detectors, 15 magnetometers with underwater probes and necessary vessels.

Map of the sea port area performed by surveyors with marked locations of metal (ferromagnetic) objects including potential explosive objects, their coordinates, sizes, volumes etc.

Vessel for divers & EOD technicians during work on a sea area

Vessel for divers & EOD technicians during work on a sea area

Vessel for buoys putting in locations of metal/explosive objects

Multicat vessel

Searching and locating metal and explosive objects by means of magnetometers

Preparation of a diver-EOD technician before diving / diver-EOD technician going under water

Example of explosive object found on the seabed

Handing over of detected explosive objects to the EOD-ers from the Polish Navy
(photos: Polish Navy)

Exemplary explosive ordnance found during offshore EOD

Explosive ordnance that cannot be removed and transported are destroyed on the spot by our specialists

Construction works and final result of exemplary offshore area where “Explosive” s.c. has performed EOD

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