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Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Explosive Demolitions
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Explosive demolitions

Works with civil using of explosive materials were object of activity of “Explosive” s.c. from the beginning. For example:

  • designing of explosive demolitions;
  • demolitions of buildings, chimneys, viaducts etc.;
  • demolitions of foundations and facilities in limited danger zone (with micro-explosions method);
  • loosening of compact and frozen grounds;
  • rocks and stones mastication;
  • stumps reclamation by explosive method;
  • clearance of damaged bottles with hazardous gases;
  • clearance of out-of-date pyrotechnic and rescue materials.

Safety of people and facilities is achieved by:

  • precise calculation of amount and type of explosive material needful to perform a given work;
  • precise determination of danger zones, i.e. seismic waves, shock wave and splinters dispersion;
  • use of micro-charges method and time-delay fuses;
  • use of anti-splinter shields on sites and on neighbouring buildings.

Using this knowledge by and own experience allows us to perform demolition works in extremely hard conditions, such as:

  • vicinity of glazed constructions, active (operating) installations, residential buildings and routes;
  • performing works in active production halls and buildings without need of people evacuations;
  • performing works on heights and under water;
  • reducing of danger zone to the minimum (0,5 m).



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