Prace Wyburzeniowe
i Minerskie Explosive s.c.


Address: Trakt sw. Wojciecha 336
80-001 Gdansk
Mobile: (+48) 609 316 433
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Opening times

Office: Mon - Fri - 700 - 1500
Sapper interventions: ROUND-THE-CLOCK

Expertises, opinions, trainings

„Explosive” s.c. performs a number of opinions and expertises, eg.:

  • Opinions and expertises for courts, prosecutor’s offices, police within evaluation of explosion effects, threats caused by explosive objects and materials. Opinions and expertises are made by an expert witnesses employed in „Explosive” s.c.
  • Opinions police and secret services. These kind of objects were bringing out from water bodies, rivers and on land.
  • Trainings for services which have access to explosive materials
  • Trainings for rescue services within evaluation of explosions threats and procedures of acting in case of critical and emergency situations and expertises within evaluation of threats caused by unexploded ordnance – opinions performed to an orders of government or state offices, council authorities, woodlands services
  • Searching for an objects which were used for crimes, including felonies. Searching are realized to an orders of prosecutor’s offices

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