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Cookies are little files, saved and stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone while you are visiting different sites in the Internet. The cookie usually contains the name of a domain from which it comes, "life span" of a cookie (namely time of its being) and accidentally generated unique number used for an identification of the browser, from which a connection with a website is taking place.

Cookies policy

  1. In order to provide contents of website so-called cookies are applied, i.e. information recorded by the server on the terminal unit of the user which the server can read out at the every connection from this terminal unit. It can also use other technologies with similar or identical functions of cookies. Herein, information concerning cookies are also applicable to other similar technologies applied within our website. Cookies are computer data, particularly text files, which are stored in the terminal unit of the website user. Cookies usually contains the name of a domain from which they come, the time of storing them on the terminal unit and the unique number.
  2. Cookies are used for:
    • adapting contents of pages of the website to the preference of the user and optimization of using websites; in particular these files allow to recognize device of the website user and to show website appropriately, adapted for his individual needs,
    • creating statistics which are helping to understand in what way website users are using websites, what improves their structure and contents,
    • delivering to users advertising contents more adapted for their interests.
  3. Within website we can apply the following types of cookies:
    • "essential" cookies, enabling using of services available within website, e.g. authenticating cookies used at services requiring authentication within website,
    • cookies used for safety assurance, e.g. used for detection of abuses in authentication within service,
    • cookies enabling collection of the information about using websites of the service,
    • "functional" cookies enabling "remembering" the settings chosen by the user and the personalization of the user's interface, e.g. in the chosen language or the region from which the user comes, font size, appearance of the website etc.,
    • "advertising" cookies enabling delivering to users advertising contents more adapted for their interests.
  4. In many cases software being used to browse websites (web browser) allows by default to store cookies in the terminal unit of the user. Users of the service can change settings concerning cookies at all times. Those settings can be changed, in particular, in order to block the automatic service of cookies in the web browser settings or to announce about their every placing in the settings of the website user. Specific information about the possibility and manners of the service of cookies are available in the software (web browser) settings. Failure to change settings concerning cookies means that they will be placed in the terminal unit of the user, and hence we will be storing information in the terminal unit of the user and gain access to this information.
  5. Turning off the applying of cookies may cause difficulties in using some services within our web sites, in particular requiring the log-on. Turning off the accepting of cookies however doesn't cause the lack of ability of reading or watching contents placed in website subject to the ones, to which the access requires the log-on.
  6. Cookies can be placed in the terminal unit of the user of website and next to be used by advertisers, research companies and suppliers of multimedia applications cooperating with the service.